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Are Vladimir Putin’s Russian oligarch friends hiding their looted funds behind Nevada shell companies?



They could be!


Thanks to a 2001 state law that made creating secretive shell companies “easier than getting a library card,” Nevada might just be a haven for Russian oligarchs, American oligarchs, drug cartels and other nefarious schemers and con artists looking to hide their illegally obtained money. [1]


And who helped make this shell company utopia in Nevada a reality?


Our opponent, Dina Titus.


In 2001, then Democratic leader in the Nevada State Senate Dina Titus, voted for the law that “made incorporating a company easier than getting a library card and helped spur the registration of thousands of shell companies in Nevada.”


What’s curious is Titus knew this new shell company scam was a bad idea before she voted for it!


Prior to voting for allowing shady shell companies, Titus said, “What a terrible message we are now sending to the business world. We might as well hang out a shingle, ‘Sleazeballs and rip-off artists welcome here.’” 


“Terrible message.” “Sleazeballs.” “Rip-off artists” 


And yet, Titus still voted for it!


Then, when the Panama Papers were released in 2016, Titus continued complaining about the very lax banking laws she helped shepherd through the legislature: 


“Nevadans will continue to see nefarious business practices like those reported in the Panama Papers if state officials don't change the laws of incorporation…” [2]


Sorry, Congresswoman Titus, but twenty years ago you helped pass the very law that welcomes these “sleazeballs” to Nevada. You did the bidding of your corporate masters and now oligarchs and tax cheats are using Nevada’s lax banking laws to hide their money.


While Rep. Titus has spent past several months whining about getting “totally f**ked” by redistricting and how she now represents the “worst district” in Nevada, we are more concerned with how the priorities of Titus’ big corporate donors are constantly put before helping working-class Nevadans. [3] [4]


In short, we are tired of getting f**cked.


Amy Vilela refuses to accept corporate money. She will work to end shady shell companies. She supports a ban on Members of Congress enriching themselves by trading on the stock market. 


Amy puts people before corporations. 


Amy Vilela will stand up to the oligarchs and billionaire class.

04/12/2022 | BY TEAM VILELA


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